HS/2 Closure of Banbury Lane for 4 weeks from 31 Jan - POSTPONED

HS/2 Closure of Banbury Lane for 4 weeks from 31 Jan - POSTPONED

Following on from trial hole survey work which took place in December 2021, HS/2 will close Banbury Lane for approximately four weeks to complete our highway crossing.

In the area where our internal access road crosses Banbury Lane, we will create a strengthened surface using concrete, to ensure that we protect the road and any utilities underneath. The site access road will reduce HS2 traffic on local highways by providing an internal route from Greatworth Green Tunnel Compound to our construction areas between Lower Thorpe Mandeville and Edgcote.

Banbury Lane will be fully closed, 24 hours a day, from Monday 31 January 2022, with a diversion in place for approximately 4 weeks. This is the maximum duration of the closure. We will work to open the road earlier if possible, depending on the progress and extent of reinforcement work required.

A Public Right of Way, footpath BB11, from Magpie Farm to Lower Thorpe Mandeville, will also need to be temporarily diverted to a new entry / exit point onto Banbury Lane. This is to avoid footpath users entering our construction area. The short diversion of footpath BB11 will be in place for a period of approximately 4 years.

Peter Gaydon (HS/2 local liaison)

We have taken the decision to postpone, as our recent investigations show that further closures would have been required to complete the work at this location. To reduce community impact, the work will now be combined into one closure period, likely to commence in March or April 2022.

Posted: Sun, 30 Jan 2022 19:25 by Parish Clerk

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