Moreton Pinkney Charities

Registered Charity Number. 202195.

In recent years, there has not been significant poverty in the village, although the Trustees are ready to help in any emergency which may occur. Two such cases where we could help was after a water leak damaged an uninsured household and after the theft of money from an elderly resident. A Christmas distribution is also give to some of our elderly residents.

The Trustees have also instituted a Youth Assistance Scheme which offers cash grants to young residents between the ages of 18 and 25 who are undertaking further education, training or starting out in a career. These grants are for the purchase of books and/or equipment to help them in their studies or work. Applications for grants are invited each August / September.

The Scheme has now been running for 12 years and has made awards totaling £7650.

The Charities also have two wheelchairs and a commode for use by any residents who need them.

If you would like any further information or would like to make a request for assistance, please contact Richard Holloway on 01295 768148.

Officially listed as 'The Moreton Pinkney Relief in Need ' charity, Moreton Pinkney Charities originated from a number of ancient bequests which can still be seen listed on the South Wall of our Parish Church. These comprised:-

  • Plant's Charity - producing £2 a year, by deed dated 24th January 1624. Anthony Plant charged a piece of land in the 'West Field' of Moreton Pinkney.

  • Leeson's Charity - by a will dated 27th May 1646, Mrs. Jane Leeson left the sum of £1 each year to the poor of Moreton Pinkney. In later years, this sum increased but some years ago, the Leeson Charity decided to discontinue the annual payment, but remained ready to to assist in any particular case of need.

  • Ancient Benefactions - source and date unknown, but the sum of £36 was laid out many years ago to purchase a 'messuage' which was converted into five small tenements for the occupation of the poor. These were sold in 1852 to Sir Henry Dryden for £60 and the amount deposited in the Charity's bank account.

  • The Poor's Land - Twelve acres of arable land in the parish of Sulgrave was purchased by the Trustees in 1782 from a legacy left by Mrs. Bridget Freemantle (£110 in 1779) and a legacy left by William Smith (£140). Rent from this land is now our prime source of income.


The Charities are administered by a body of Trustees consisting of five competent persons:-

  • One Ex-Officio Trustee, being the Vicar of the Parish.
  • Two Nominative Trustees, appointed by the Parish Council. Currently Judith Baxter and Leslie Tucker.
  • Two Co-Optive Trustees, being person with special knowledge of the Parish, appointed by the Trustees. Currently Audrey Keeves and Richard Holloway.